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School Infotainment vs Entertainment

You might be asking, “What is infotainment?” Infotainment comes from part of one word, “info-rmation”, and from part of another word, “enter-tainment.” Infotainment then is part information and part entertainment. Infotainment provides entertainment while teaching information at the same time.

Author J. Steven Spires is a seasoned elementary school teacher with 25 years experience engaging children in daily academics. Children under his instruction have been inspired to think critically and to write creatively with enthusiasm and zeal. Therefore, Mr. Spires uses infotainment in his presentation of THREE LITTLE SHRIMP.

THREE LITTLE SHRIMP release day at Honey Island Elementary in Slidell, LA.
THREE LITTLE SHRIMP release day at Honey Island Elementary in Slidell, LA.

Ideally, THREE LITTLE SHRIMP has several Common Core themes woven into the story, so the program is not the typical author reading a book with puppets or other visuals. Mr. Spires actually teaches a science lesson as he reads the book. So, the presentation takes the form of an interactive, engaging 45-minute Powerpoint show that helps differentiate various learning styles so that all students can learn more about brown shrimp and some of the predators that hunt them. The program ends with an original song and the Shrimpette dancers performing a “shrimp dance” choreographed by Ms. Eve, wife of the author.  School visits are appropriate for grades PreK –5, and he can speak to any size group.

Signing books after a presentation at a local school.
Signing books after a presentation at a local school.

After presenting THREE LITTLE SHRIMP, J. Steven Spires enjoys meeting his young readers in person at a book signing. For some children, this is the first time they have come face to face with a real author. During this time books are signed and pictures are taken with the author. It is a wonderful experience that many children remember for a long time.

For the shrimp presentation, Steve’s goals are: Brown Shrimp

  1. To engage students about the life of shrimp.
  2. To help students understand the role of shrimp in the coastal ecosystem.
  3. To learn more about four predators of the shrimp.

Other Infotainment Opportunities

J. Steven Spires and THREE  LITTLE  SHRIMP are also interested in bringing their infotainment to other educational facilities. These include but are not limited to Boys and Girl’s Clubs, summer camps, pre-schools and day care centers.

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