Three Little Shrimp

Three Little ShrimpThree Little Shrimp Cover

A Youthful “Tale” of Adventure

One fine day a troop of shrimp head off to the open sea. On the way three young shrimp, awestruck by the wonders around them, swim away from the safety of the group to explore.

The three young shrimp are unaware of the dangers lurking in water. For unseen predators watch as they play and swim right in front of them. Without the protection of the shrimp troop, the three little shrimp may become the next meal for one of these hungry meat-eaters.

Despite their best efforts, the predators are unable to catch the small brown prey. As the day comes to a close, the three shrimp rejoin their troop and together they swim to the sea bottom to sleep soundly on their sea beds.

Praise for Three Little Shrimp

“The Three Little Shrimp is an adventurous book that keeps readers of all ages engaged in the story plot! The repetitive phrase encourages choral reading. Each of the shrimp’s personalities jump off of the page with the author’s words and the artist’s illustrations.”

Mary Jane Smith, Principal at Honey Island Elementary

   in Slidell, LA

Want a preview of “Three Little Shrimp”? Check out this book trailer.

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