Food For Thought: A Writer’s Paradox

A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lesson.”   John Henrik Clarke

Recently, I noticed a commenter on another writer’s blog that said one should always write for himself.

I sat for a moment trying to figure out if I agreed with this commenter or not. Suddenly, the following questions came to mind…

What happens when no one reads what one has written?

What happens when one really wants to write for his ideas to be acknowledged?

What if one is writing just to write?

Have I used the word “one” enough already?

It is certainly true that you write not just for your audience, but also for yourself. Yet, there is always the possibility that if you try to make the end justify the means, you will certainly get lost in writing material that merely appeases your audience and constantly compromises the artistic integrity of what you are trying to create.

As one might expect, there seems to be a little tension here – as in most creative efforts. You don’t just write for yourself or for someone else. Perhaps, you write for neither… and both.

Now…that’s a paradox! One that leads all writers to being able to find a balance between being heard and fulfilling personal passions?

So…who are you writing for?

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